Projecting a jewel


The idea of realizing a new jewel starts from the technical design of it.

It must be exclusive and liked to the personality and the character of the person wearing it.

At first the jewel will be totally hand-drawn.

After it can be made in 3D (dimension).



The jewel prototype


The jewel prototype can be realized constructing, drawing, laminating, solding pieces, without the help fl machinery. Another method is to create a wax model (lost wax) and a plaster cast totally hand made.

From the gypsum cart originates the gold metal prototype.

Now, since some years, I have a designer able to develop 3D models.

We wear

Final result


At the end of the process melting all the pieces of metal you give the right shape to your jewels.

The selected stones will be mounted, a delicate operation requiring many hours of work.

To make your jewel shining and brilliant you will pass to polishing.

The processing is totally hand made following the tradition of Italian jewelry.